Peter Root is a, huh, potato artist. Supposedly, he traveled to Istanbul, Turkey for three weeks to carve 176 pounds of spuds into this Islamic cityscape–complete with homes, skyscrapers and mosques. Root’s toolkit consisted of a kitchen knife and a bicyle repair kit.

Is it coincidence a potato is a type of root? Another world mystery.

Colorado artist Mike Grab likes to stack rocks–and he is good at it. Impossibly, the only bonding agent he uses is glue. 

Like Martin Luther King, Czech artist David Cerny had a vision. King wanted to transform the world through love and peace. Cerny wanted to build a bus that did push-ups. 

Cerny’s art, commemorating the 2012 London Olympics, is powered by an electrical engine—allowing the massive arms to push the bus off the pavement. The bus even grunts and moans.

Artist Sebastian Kruger likes to paint portraits of grumpy movie stars glaring. Not the most creative subject matter–maybe his next series can be constipated movie stars.

George Clooney

Keith Richards

Clint Eastwood

Sean Connery

Tom Waits

Johnny Rotten

Harrison Ford

Noel Gallagher

William Burroughs

Al Pacino

Brad Pitt