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Bachelor’s Grove cemetery, a small abandoned graveyard located within Chicago’s Rubio Forest Preserve is said to be one of America’s most haunted places in the US.

More than 100 reports of apparations and glowing balls of light have been documented here over the years.

In 1991, Mari Huff, a member of Ghost Research Society (GRS), was snapping black and white photos with a high-speed infrared camera.

Except for her fellow investigators, the cemetery was empty. Naturally they were surprised to find a female apparition sitting on a tombstone. Parts of her body are transparent and her clothes were out of period.

The ghost hunters could offer no rational explanation other than they had actually recorded a ghost.

Caitlin Doughty, a licensed mortician, hosts an interesting (and popular) YouTube series titled Ask a Mortician.

Here are the questions Caitlin’s audience has asked to date, organized according to the below playlist in which she provides answers.

If you always wondered whether you can get a post mortem tattoo or if you can bake a cake with your mother’s ashes, read on.

Video 1:

  • How long does rigor mortis last?
  • Do you sever the hamstring of a person before cremating bodies so they don’t sit bolt upright during cremation?

Video 2:

  • Do you have to grind the bones after cremation?
  • Is there such thing as dying from natural causes?

Video 3:

  • Can you tattoo a body after death?
  • What is your favorite death custom?

Video 4:

  • How do you become a mortician?
  • Is it possible to bake my cremated remains into a chocolate cake?

Video 5:

  • What would happen to a corpse in space?
  • Can cremating a severely overweight person cause a grease fire in the furnace?
  • How often do the living follow old customs like asking for hair for jewelry?

Video 6:

  • How long could a zombie apocalypse last with zombies decomposing at a normal rate?
  • How bad does a dead body smell? What does it smell like?
  • Were dead bodies always so gross and scary for people in the Western world?

Video 7 : Can a casket explode if it is totally sealed up?

Video 8 : Are they going to dissolve my mother;s body in acid?

Video 9 : Do corpses soil themselves after death?

Meet the Pink Lady. This is one of the creepiest ghost stories I’ve run into. Make sure to watch the video at the bottom of this post.

A friend told Guy Winters about an abandoned house on the outskirts of Greencastle, Indiana where he had recently experienced what he thought to be a ghost.

Guy, being a paranormal enthusiast, grabbed some cameras and conducted a 48 hour investigation of the property.

The above photos of the house’s upstairs window were taken during Guy’s investigation. The last image is a digitally enhanced version an original photo. Guy didn’t see these figures until the photos were developed, although he did smell sulphur at the time they wee snapped. 

Photo experts verified this ghastly entity existed on the original negatives, minimizing the chances the photos were faked. 

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Guy visited the house again and captured these images.