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Like Martin Luther King, Czech artist David Cerny had a vision. King wanted to transform the world through love and peace. Cerny wanted to build a bus that did push-ups. 

Cerny’s art, commemorating the 2012 London Olympics, is powered by an electrical engine—allowing the massive arms to push the bus off the pavement. The bus even grunts and moans.

In 1879, Clark “Rattlesnake King” Stanley supposedly learned the secrets of snake oil from a Moki medicine man. Then, after successfully peddling his own concoction on the streets of Chicago, Stanley partnered with a Boston druggist and targeted a national audience. He plastered his ads across the eastern seaboard and set up production facilities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Before Stanley’s scam suckered the entire nation, the US government sued the Rattlesnake King in 1917 for misrepresenting his product. His famous cure all medicine turned out to be mineral oil and turpentine.

Throughout the 20th century, street hucksters like Stanley leveraged the evolving mass communication channels to reach larger audiences. Taglines replaced lies and advertisements replaced roadshows. Despite the catchy jingles and sleek logos, a con is always still a con.

Next time you are flipping through a magazine or watching a late night infomercial, remember snake oil salesmen don’t always sell snake oil.

How did Colin Furze reinvent himself from a plumber with a pregnant girlfriend to a world record holder/defender of manhood?

After learning of his new father-to-be status, Colin knew his man toys would be replaced with baby toys. Instead of surrendering his favorite toy, a motorized scooter, Colin adapted to the situation by bolting it to their newly purchased stroller.

Now, if his girlfriend discards his scooter, bye-bye stroller.

Brilliant plan, Colin. All men salute you for standing your ground. As luck would have it, a 10 horsepower motor with a four speed transmission is standard issue for a scooter, but is unique among strollers. Colin now holds the land speed record in the baby stroller category.