On August 6 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb nick-named Little Boy on Hiroshima, Japan. The blast sent out a hyper-intensified shock wave that killed 166,000 people and vaporized every structure within a mile from ground zero. This unbridled spectacle of power shocked the world and forever changed the geopolitical landscape.

Imagine an explosion 1000 times more powerful than Little Boy. What would that magnitude of hellish destruction look like? What affect would it have on world affairs? What could cause such an explosion decades before nuclear weaponry was invented? To the first question, here’s what it looked like:

This mysterious explosion known as the Tunguska Event occurred 7:17am on June 30 1908, in a remote Siberian forest near the Tunguska River. Tungus natives and local Russian settlers observed a column of bluish light streaking across the sky. Ten minutes later, many witnesses reported a blinding flash beyond the horizon,followed by a thunderous boom. The explosion registered the equivalent of a 5.0 earthquake at seismic stations across Eurasia and created atmospheric fluctuations across Western Europe. For the next 72 hours, night skies glowed a thousand miles away. At the impact zone, 830 square miles of forest lay in charred ruin. 80,000,000 large trees had been snapped like toothpicks.

Despite this destruction, Tunguska had a minimal impact on world affairs, since most people haven’t even heard of the event. Why the silence? This is, after all, one of the largest explosions since the beginning of civilization.

I offer two reasons. One, it didn’t kill anybody, although it decimated a large reindeer herd. Two, nobody knows what caused this blast, and if the blowhard science community can’t explain a mystery they avoid it publicly and bicker about it behind closed doors. Such is the case here.

So the final question, what caused the Tunguska Event? Here is a rundown of the existing theories:

This is the most common explanation. Major problem #1, no impact crater exists. “Aerial explosion” the scientists scream in explanation. Major problem #2, to inflict this kind of damage an asteroid would have to weigh 220 million pounds; but scientists haven’t found a pebble’s worth of debris, despite sifting through the impact zone for the past 90 years. To be fair, some questionable dust has been tested and demonstrates some properties consistent with extraterrestrial origins.

Since the asteroid theory has holes in it, many scientists posit it must have been a comet, which is basically death by space snowball. This theory accounts for the lack of debris, but a comet wouldn’t have remained intact within Earth’s atmosphere long enough to cause this order of damage. When this argument is raised to proponents of this theory, they have no comet.

Geophysical Hypothesis
Wolfgang Kundt, a physicist at Bonn University in Germany, claims 10 million tons of methane gas from deep within the ground could have escaped and ignited.

Antimatter Comet
I don’t even understand this reason enough to accurately regurgitate it. Here’s a link.

Black Hole
This unlikely explanation says a small black hole passed through the Earth. Major problem, no exit wound exists, which would have been located in the north Atlantic.

Tesla Death Ray
Nikola Tesla test fired his experimental death ray at the North Pole and missed. 

Alien Spaceship
A UFO’s flux capacitor backfired.