The BFRO, Bigfoot Field Research Organization, has been the most respected group of its kind for 20 years. Its members include scientists, journalists, and specialists from diverse backgrounds.

The BFRO seeks “to resolve the mystery surrounding the bigfoot phenomenon” by finding “conclusive documentation of the species’ existence.”

To me, these guys/gals are probably the group most likely to scoop bigfoot if they actually exist. 

Why? Unlike most bigfoot groups that randomly stomp through North America’s vast woodlands looking for undiscovered primates, these guys at least have perspective to pursue other people’s reports.

Visit their massive state by state database of bigfoot reports. They’ve recorded more sightings than Starbucks has locations. 

The BFRO even organizes expeditions nationwide with private Joe’s like you and me. The revenue generated from these excursions help to cover their night vision equipment when their “Gone Swatching” shirt sales are down.