Over the past several years, I have seen a steady stream of really stupid bacon related…stuff. What gives? I decided to find out.

“Bacon mania” was birthed on the Web and centered in the US. Neither of these facts much surprised me. This phenomena has grown to encompass all things bacon, the more outlandish, the better. The products below is a mere sampling. If you don’t believe me, check out ground zero–BaconToday.com

To where can the greasy roots of Bacon Mania be traced? Answer: The famous Atkins Diet of the 1990’s. This diet/social movement transformed how we saw bacon. It went from guilty pleasure to weight loss strategy. Finally we could have our cake (bacon) and it it too.

Arun Gupta of The Indypendent has pointed out the chain lards on bacon give it “high flavor profile” and also elicits an addictive neurochemical response.

I say whatever. Look at these images and tell me this doesn’t need to end here and now.

Bacon Bandages

Bacon Casket

Bacon Envelopes

Bacon Shaving Cream

Bacon Chocolate

Bacon Dental Floss

Bacon Personal Lube

Bacon Watch

Bacon Tie