Caitlin Doughty, a licensed mortician, hosts an interesting (and popular) YouTube series titled Ask a Mortician.

Here are the questions Caitlin’s audience has asked to date, organized according to the below playlist in which she provides answers.

If you always wondered whether you can get a post mortem tattoo or if you can bake a cake with your mother’s ashes, read on.

Video 1:

  • How long does rigor mortis last?
  • Do you sever the hamstring of a person before cremating bodies so they don’t sit bolt upright during cremation?

Video 2:

  • Do you have to grind the bones after cremation?
  • Is there such thing as dying from natural causes?

Video 3:

  • Can you tattoo a body after death?
  • What is your favorite death custom?

Video 4:

  • How do you become a mortician?
  • Is it possible to bake my cremated remains into a chocolate cake?

Video 5:

  • What would happen to a corpse in space?
  • Can cremating a severely overweight person cause a grease fire in the furnace?
  • How often do the living follow old customs like asking for hair for jewelry?

Video 6:

  • How long could a zombie apocalypse last with zombies decomposing at a normal rate?
  • How bad does a dead body smell? What does it smell like?
  • Were dead bodies always so gross and scary for people in the Western world?

Video 7 : Can a casket explode if it is totally sealed up?

Video 8 : Are they going to dissolve my mother;s body in acid?

Video 9 : Do corpses soil themselves after death?