A while back I wrote a blog on street art. Although I recognize the artistry involved, to me it is still graffitti because it usually involves paint being splattered on public surfaces. The best way to deal with graffitti, whether it’s gangbangers or graduate students, is cops writing tickets for vandalism. Chalk art is different.

Chalk art is not vandalism. A good rain washes away even the most elaborate murals. Apparently, some residents in Colorado disagree with me. An attorney representing a group of neighbors in Denver said they found the local chalk art “offensive” and “distracting.” Here’s the kicker: they are up in arms over stick figures and hop scotch squares drawn by toddlers. Officer, please throw this criminal into the slammer.

These grouchy neighbors need to be taught a lesson. Here’s what I propose. Nearby state, Utah, has an annual chalk art festival that attracts hundreds of artists and 20,000 spectators. WeirdTwist encourages you to visit ChalkArtFestival.org and demand the venue be changed to Stapleton Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

Seriously, who are these Grinch descendants going after next, sand castle sculptors?

This concludes my FCC required public service announcement. Now, here’s a bunch of mind bending chart art as promised.