The Caucasian Mountain Dog comes from a region in Eurasia known as the Caucasus Mountains. Recently, this ancient breed has gained popularity in the U.S.. Fair warning Yanks, this 6 ft 185 lb pooch is unlike anything Americans have known.

VIDEO: National Geographic profiles the Caucasian.

Caucasian dogs are hybrids of more established breeds across Europe and Asia — including mastiffs, molossers and bandogs

Far from being mutts, the Caucasians are highly specialized tools to protect properties, guard livestock, kill wolves, and hunt bears.

This stately canine is NOT a suburban-friendly Golden Retriever. Experienced owners do best with Caucasian Ovcharkas because they only respect and obey dominant handlers. 

Many consider the Caucasian a loose cannon. Despite rearing and training, this dog will make its own decisions on how best to protect its family or property–sometimes despite the commands given to it. 

Once pecking order has been established with its (human) family, the Caucasian is a laid back breed. At least until some unfortunate creature (man or beast) triggers its territorial instincts. Then it’s all business.

This is a screenshot from the video above. The breeder is socializing a young Caucasian. A passerby offers his daughter’s assistance. If you know this bonehead dad, please send him a link to this blog.

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