At present, I do not believe authentic psychics exist, meaning individuals who can read minds, predict the future, communicate with spirits, etc.

Every time I see a “psychic” subjected to any level of objective scrutiny, their claims fall apart. A handful of these individuals are skilled enough to entertain audiences with cold reading or slight of hand techniques; but most of these frauds don’t even bother to sing and dance their way to your wallet.

James Randi, a famous paranormal skeptic, has a long standing $1,000,000 offer to any psychic who can demonstrate their claims under controlled conditions. So far nobody has cashed in. Why not? Better yet, if these late night infomercial psychics are legit, why don’t they just predict a winning lottery number?

Rare cases do exist that challenge my jaded position on psychic phenomena. Dynamo Jack is one such case. A BBC correspondent claims to have documented proof this healer from Java can:

  • burn paper by looking at it
  • shock people at will
  • light a bulb by touching it

DJ may possess the ability to conduct, and maybe generate, electricity with his body. Does this mean he is psychic? Telekinesis is often considered to be a psychic ability. I wonder if Randi would pay up on this one?