Blobfish live deep in the ocean and are specialized to exceedingly high pressures. Its gelatinous flesh allows it to stay buoyant at depths where gaseous bladders can’t function.

The naked mole rat have little need for vision or hair since they spend their entire lives in underground colonies.

The California Condor’s bald head is an adaptation to being a scavenger. No blood clotted feathers after a good meal.

The proboscis monkey’s big noses helps them make loud, resonating warning calls.

The Star Nosed Mole’s snout has 22 finger-like appendages lined with 25,000 minute sensory receptors that help the mole feel its maneuver through its underground lair.

The Aye-aye, is a primate native to Madagascar. It has a long, bony middle finger that they use to pry insects and grubs from tree trunks.

Monkfish were often considered sea monsters by sailors of antiquity. Now it is a commonly eaten delicacy in restaurants worldwide.

Red-lipped batfish use their dorsal fin as a fishing lure to attract prey .