Do you believe we landed on the moon? If yes, you fall into one of four categories:

1. Did not know theories exist claiming it was hoaxed

2. Know hoax theories exist but never considered the evidence

3. Know hoax theories exist and have considered the evidence

4. Don’t give a damn either way

Most people I’ve asked fall into category 2 (although category 4 is sizable), and this is my target audience here. So, if you are a member of the new demographic I just blinked into existence, I ask this: How can you dismiss a theory without considering the data?

Perhaps you figure the most publicized and celebrated event in history simply couldn’t be faked. For the record, I haven’t gotten past this 800 pound guerrilla either. But I have looked at the conspirators’ case and was entertained, if not a little intrigued. The quality of their claims are questionable but even more so were the rebuttles from the conventional camps.

That is until I watched the Moon Hoax episode of Mythbusters. My favorite nerds did a better moon hoax debunking job in one hour than NASA has in 30 years. This beckons the question, did these knuckle head rocket scientists really get to the moon if they can’t even convince us they did so after the fact?

You decide. Here’s the best evidence I’ve found from both perspectives.

Playlist #1 (5 videos): The moon landing probably was hoaxed

Playlist #2 (5 videos): The moon landing wasn’t hoaxed: