Welcome to another installment in our weird hotel series. To date, we’ve learned what it’s like to sleep in a wine cask and a sewer drain. What could top these? How about sleeping in a giant colon?

Now that, Virginia, is vile. Not to worry though, this facility has 3 star accommodations including room cleansing…er, I mean cleaning.

Hotel CasAnus, or the Colon Hotel, follows the contours of the digestive system from the mouth through the stomach and intestine and terminates at the anus. It’s a complete tour.

CasAnus was designed by the Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout in 2007. Granted, everybody in northern Europe seems to have funny names—but doesn’t his sound like he’s in pain, perhaps constipated? Was this his inspiration?

Your deluxe sphincter suite is located on the premises of Verbeke Foundation’s private 30 acre sculpture park in Belgium. You will be surrounded by nature, solitude and security.  Just like sleeping in the womb, just stinkier.