Purchasing a tombstone isn’t a fun decision. Most of us will make a snap call to end the uncomfortable situation of being upsold by a funeral director/salesman of the month.

People do exist among us who relish this final purchase, as evidenced in the photos below. I salute you. It takes some serious… I don’t know what…to turn your tombstone purchase into a board game.

There you are, staring death in the face, and you decide your tombstone needs to be a parking meter. Such composure is difficult to find even among healthy individuals.

You , friend, are an example of the rugged individualism upon which our country was founded.

Now let’s talk subject matter. A tombstone is meant to memorialize you for generations to come. Pick an enduring and timeless theme; one to which your distant progeny can relate. Yes, I am talking to you, computer guy–you too, telephone man.

Sure your immediate descendants will snicker each year iPhone releases a new product. But take heart. Your chosen tombstone brainchild will only be uncool for about a hundred years. After that, nobody will realize your technology was outdated before you even died.
Here are more unforgettable memorials: