Myth #1: Consuming sugar causes hyperactivity

Double-blind studies have shown that children with varying levels of sugar in their blood do not behave differently.

Myth #2: Knuckle cracking causes arthritis

The knuckle cracking sound is gas bubbles bursting as the bones in the joint are rapidly separated. Arthritis is not caused by gas bubbles in joints.

Myth #3: We should drink 8 glasses of water a day.

A 1940’s government study stated we should each consume enough liquid per day to fill 8 glasses of water. This figure INCLUDED the significant amount of water we get from food, not in addition to…

Myth #4: Gum takes 7 years to digest

Gum cannot be digested at all, but it passes through our bodies at the same rate as other food. So swallow a pack of gum with no worries.

Myth #5: Turkey makes us sleepy

Turkey contains tryptophan, but no more than does chicken and beef. Likely we associate turkey with sleepiness because we gorge this bird every Thanksgiving and Christmas.