The Dynasphere, aka Jumbo, was invented in 1932. Its 2.5 horse power electric motor had a top speed of 25 miles per hour. British inventor Dr. J. A. Purves certainly never caused Henry Ford a sleepless night with this 1000 pound steel doughnut.

Here are the top 10 reasons why nobody purchased a Dynasphere:
1. Nobody purchased unicycles
2. Purves can’t be trusted, even if they’re doctors
3. No room for a spare tire
4. Sunroof kept breaking
5. Fear of ridicule from pet hamsters
6. Hard to find custom rims
7. No place to put bumper stickers
8. Parallel parking
9. Wind
10. Hills

Credit to Dr. Purve for identifying his Dynosphere’s design flaws early on. He immediately rolled out a luxury 5-seater model. The Dynosphere de luxe only had one draw back, the glass enclosures. Sure it’d keep the bugs out of your teeth, but what happened when this monstrosity tipped over?

All in all, I think Dr. Purves must have been somewhere between a mad scientist and a flat out quack. Here’s his action shot to prove it: