If you’d like to spend the night in a coffin-like hotel room that reeks of old wine, this place is for you.

Wait, that pitch won’t appeal to many tourists. Allow me to spin it in a more favorable light. De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel is a charmingly unique getaway nestled within the sleepy Dutch town of Stavoren. Each suite is a lovingly converted wine cask formerly filled with 14,500 liters of Beaujolais wine.

The oak walls that once added flavor and color to thousands of bottles of wine now provide a warm and intimate ambience for lovers. De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel is surrounded by meandering bike paths, old growth forests and is a short stroll from the beach.

Back in America, rumors say Budweiser is conceptualizing a hotel made from discarded kegs. The company is hoping the smell of stale beer will resonate with college alumni nationwide.