At first glance, a bionic eye seems like a good alternative to a glass eye. In overall cool points alone, the choice is simple.

Rob Spence lost his right eye while shooting a cow patty at the exploratory age of 13; now, years later, he has traded his marble for a camera.  Can you blame him? I can’t imagine the cow story won him too many dates.
Part of me is cheering for this self fashioned film maker, part of me still wonders about the judgment behind shooting cow crap. Over beers, I would tell him its not really a bionic eye, its a web cam wedged in your socket. Instead of vision, you have a camera recording images to further distract your already overworked good eye.

Protectively, I’d remind him about the hardware he has to lug around to transmit his eyeball cam’s images to the Internet: Remember the transmitter in your head, the signal amplifier clipped to your belt, the receiver/hard drive in your backpack? What’s the point? It’s like having a prosthetic hand that’s really just a bottle opener. Finally, where do you put the power adapter when you sleep?

If, after a few too many beers, Spence got down on himself, I’d show him this video and all would be better. At least he has the lens pointed in the correct direction.