Growing up on the plains of northern Texas, trains were among my few sources of excitement and drama. They were big, fast and loud. Trains reigned supreme on my list of all things indestructible. Looking back, I guess this was my substitute for paper, rock, scissors.

Anyway…I remember placing every type of coin on the local tracks, and whenever a train passed, I was never disappointed by the result: totally flattened currency.

In my seven-year-old mind, nothing could “beat up” a train, and the only competition were bulls, semi trucks and tornadoes.

Bulls ranked fourth. Nobody could argue the outcome of a bull and an iron horse colliding at full stride: a truck load of hamburgers. Same deal with bull vs. semi, just slightly bigger patties. Since the movie Twister documented a tornado’s ability to fling a cow (bull) across the farm, bulls got fourth place.
Semi trucks ranked third. I independently verified trucks could not crush silver dollars like a train. And, I never disputed the urban legend that a train hitting a truck was analogous to a truck hitting a can. Regarding semi vs. tornado, local news proved tornado wins that match.

Until now, I had relegated tornadoes to second place. This was necessarily based on speculation, despite being in Tornado Alley at the time. Sadly, many years later, I stumbled across the above video. It proves that tornado beats train. Now tornadoes rightfully take their place at the top of my all time indestructible list, an honor to be sure.

Maybe this childhood game served as the unconscious motivator for writing this past blog- F5 Tornadoes: Up Close and Personal. If not, it was a timely plug.