Wingsuit flying began in the late 1990’s. In a nutshell, this sport is sky diving and base jumping while wearing a high-tech flying squirrel suit. While in flight, a “pilot” can contort his body to manipulate lift and drag, but typically cannot exceed a 3:1 drop ratio (forward distance compared to drop distance.) In 2005, Visa Parviainen changed everything by strapping two turbo jet engines to his legs…

Parviainen’s modified rocket powered wingsuit came complete with a throttle, kill switch and fuel bladders stitched into the wing material. At what point this insane individual got bored jumping from planes and cliffs I don’t know, but his colorful quest to achieve suicide-by-ground impact has led him to being mankind’s first jet powered wingsuit flier. 
In his 2005 effort, he achieved 30 seconds of horizontal flight. During a public demonstration in 2011, he ascended hundreds of meters and exceeded 160 mph.
As a side note, Parviainen is also the first person without a plane to require air space clearance from the Finnish government. Way to go Visa, this Bud (and straight jacket) is for you! 
 Animation from Stunt Junkies explaining

jet powered wingsuit flying


Parviainen posing with his psychiatrist
before his 2005 test flight
Testing his afterburners in 2005
Some cool picture I found on the Web. Notice 
this wingsuit model comes with a sporty