At first glance, I thought Steve Norris had invented the ultimate varmint fear machine. The PatrolBot Mark II seemed to be a reasonable tactic, if not a bit overkill, for gardeners and farmers trying to protect their crops from rabbits, possum and raccoons.

Armed with a super-bright flashlight, 100-db car horn and high pressure water gun, what critter wouldn’t move on to quieter pastures.

However, this futuristic concept has a fatal flaw. I thought PatrolBot Mark II had some high-tech Terminator software operating it. You know, Target identified…Rabbit…Shine Flashlight…Target Remains…Honk Horn…Target Remains…SQUIRT IT. 

Instead, the gardener has to operate every function of this oversized pressure washer from his recliner. Points for night vision capability, but ultimately this is a big FAIL.

It’s easier to squirt the bunny with your garden hose.