This puzzling video has been circulating around the Internet for a while. The purported story is a cloud fell from the sky somewhere in the United Arab Emirates and a bystander walks over and sticks his arm through it.

I have to admit this video isn’t easily explained, but my gut tells me it’s hoaxed–somehow. At first, I thought this was a big piece of plastic or cotton or some other type of manufactured fluff. But the consistency of this material has strange properties, namely part of the “cloud” broke off and apparently floated through the fence. Secondly, the bystander made a hole in the mystery material with his hand, but  it closed after taking his hand out.

I think it’s hoaxed based on the two aforementioned scenes that were likely designed to make the footage appear authentic. First of all, why did part of the cloud effortlessly float through the fence, but the remainder get caught? Secondly, the bystander’s actions looked staged when he rolled up his sleeve before puncturing the fog–like an amateur magician about to pull a rabbit from his hat.

Even if it is hoaxed, I appreciate the originality and effort put into this clip’s production. It is good enough to leave the “how did they do it” a mystery.