As part of a brilliant public relations campaign designed to demonstrate the company’s transparency, Google released these images of their 13 data centers.

The search giant even posted a guided tour of their facilities on YouTube.
After reading about Google’s self imposed transparency strategy, I figured they must be under scrutiny again. Sure enough, this CBS News report, published the day before Google released its images, says everything.

European regulators are asking Google to better explain its new privacy policies. They claim Google is collecting too much user data through its various properties, and doesn’t provide consumers enough detail about how it is being used.

Google’s new privacy policy is purposefully vague so they can indiscriminately target users with advertising based on their search history and other online interactions.

Clearly, Google’s plan is to dazzle us with cool pictures instead of telling regulators what they’re doing with our data. This would be like Wallstreet showing banking regulators images of…walls.