If David Blaine truly did this amazing levitation trick in front of this crowd, he is a master illusionist. If he did not, he is a con.

In 1997, Blaine shot to stardom after ABC aired David Blaine: Street Magic. The show’s premise was simple: Blaine travelled across the country doing hit and run magic tricks on unsuspecting pedestrians. A small crew, armed only with handheld cameras, documented the spectators’ disbelief as they witnessed Blaine’s street magic up close and personal.

Penn Jillette, of Penn & Teller, once observed “ Blaine’s idea was to do really simple tricks but to turn the camera around on the people watching instead of the people doing. So to make the audience watch the audience.”

It’s evident Blaine’s entire schtick relied on his impromptu audience’s credibility. We, the TV viewers, were supposed to assume we were seeing the exact same thing the “live” audience saw. For some reason, we trusted them to call bullshit. Back to my original point, is Blaine a master illusionist or a con? Watch this: