Imagine trying to buy clothes in your favorite department store if it didn’t have fitting rooms. Its “Returns” line would constantly be out the door and down the street. 

Given this visual, it’s easy to understand why the online apparel industry has always been plagued with ridiculously high return rates. The problem costs e-commerce operations lots of money because nobody wants to buy used clothes at new prices.

Heikki Haldre and Paul Pällin, the owners of, solved this problem by providing online retailers with virtual fitting rooms.

Watch this:

Pretty cool, right? But I think Heikki and Paul need to raise the bar on this virtual fitting room concept. It needs to be more interactive. Here’s how it should work.

1.  Online shopper is able to view his/her chosen garment on one of these shape shifting mannequins.

2. Online shopper is prompted to enter the number of times s/he will eat at MacDonalds in the next three years. 

3. The application estimates the shopper’s weight gain, then expands the mannequin accordingly. 

4. If the selected garment can’t withstand the predicted outward forces being exerted upon it, the shopper is redirected to the stretchy pants department.