Like many commuters, I spend more than 10 hours a week staring at the car in front of me. Today’s bumpers are boring. What happened to bumper stickers? They, of course, disappeared when the boys in Detroit downgraded chrome bumpers into the useless plastic trim we see today. No bumpers, no bumper stickers.

The second death nail to the colorful bumper stickers I so miss is society’s apathic stance on life issues. Our politicians and employers have worked us into such a zombified state, we’ve lost our salt. We’ve gone from “You! Out Of The Gene Pool!” to window stickers of stick families, including pets. News flash: The only people who want to know you have kids and dogs are molesters and burglars.

Could the dearth of witty bumper stickers explain the disturbing rise in texting while driving? Bumper stickers save lives!