Hydrothermal Worm

We are quickly moving towards a world of TMI — Too Much Information. Our species has thrived for thousands of years knowing little more than how to survive and propagate. How did our forefathers get by without knowing all the universe’s mysteries? Simple, with old fashioned ignorance, superstition and most importantly…denial.

Today we seemingly need to know everything, everywhere. We can see invisible black holes in galaxies billions of light years from our own Milky Way. As amazingly, we can see the microscopic worlds under our noses. I ponder the lush and fruitful ecosystem I just started by blowing my nose into a tissue. What a humid and temperate climate it must be.

This esoteric knowledge is useless to the average Joe like me. I didn’t need to know cancer looks like ice cream sprinkles. How can I benefit knowing my earwax secretions resemble fins. I am now afraid to bathe my dog because its fleas look like they can kick my ass. Having cornstalks for eyelashes makes me itchy, gummy bear chicken embryos make me hungry, and hyper-thyroidal vampire maggots make me sick.

If you are some basement dwelling biologist studying pickled humanoid mutants, this blog is for you to learn some more gross facts to make our world a better place.

Dividing Cancer Cell


Chicken Embryo

Shark Skin

Guitar String


Used Dental Floss

Ruptured Capillary

Spider’s Silk Glands

Needle and Thread


Insect Egg

Vinyl Record Groove

Aquatic Fly Larvae

House Fly Foot

Ear Wax Secretion

Cat Flea