Earlier in 2012, BusinessWeek.com invited Jörg Sprave, CEO of Macrosystem Digital, to produce a video for its popular online how-to series. Typical arrangement, right? Expert gets exposure and website gets content. The weird twist here is Sprave builds slingshots and his company is actually a blog called The Slingshot Channel.

Perhaps to bridge the yawning relevance gap between big business and slingshots, BusinessWeek.com requested Sprave to construct deadly weapons from common office supplies: Paper, pencils, scissors, metal fasteners, rubber bands, hole punches, USB cables and Scotch tape. Here are the results:

Pencil Shooter: Sharpened pencils, paper, tape, rubber bands

Slingshot: Scissors, paper, USB cable, rubber bands

Flail: Hole punch, metal rod

Pick axe: Scissors, paper, tape

I’m still not sure about Businessweek.com’s motive for teaching its readers how to bash their coworkers’ heads with a hole punch. I mean, it seems like Staples really missed this opportunity. I bet you guys at Office Max are kicking yourselves too.

One thing is clear to me after perusing The Slingshot Channel: When Sprave isn’t restricted to the copy room, he is a master of destruction. I enjoyed his original, testosterone laden content.

Gatlin Slingshot Crossbow

Machete Shooter

Slingshot Canon

Pump Action Slingshot Crossbow

If the clerk at my local pack and ship store ever tries to charge me priority fees for a standard shipment, I’ll be ready to demand a refund.