Many people regard signs as a nuisance. Quoting the 80’s hair band Tesla, signs are responsible for “blocking up the scenery and clouding our minds.” Perhaps commercially oriented signs fit this accusatory profile, always seducing or scaring us to buy products and services we really don’t need.

But consider for a moment informational signage. Unlike their annoying counterparts, informational signs serve a higher purpose. They inform, protect and advise us through an otherwise chaotic world. Informational signs are the workhorse for charity, community service, civic responsibility and social conscience.

Here are some of my favorite examples:

1. Informational signs shepherd us onto the safe path.

2. Informational signs reserve a place for those less vigilant among us.

3. Informational signs serve as a canvas to showcase local artisan talent.

4. Informational signs provide vandals (and local artisans) with useful information.

5. Informational signs allow retailers to have a voice in their community.

6. Informational signs remind us of our social responsibilities.

7. Informational signs enforce public policy.

8. Informational signs warn us of impending events.

9. Informational signs ensures right of way for land dwelling mutant jellyfish creatures.